Automating manual processes

We're ex consultants who have ruthlessly applied ourselves to automating manual processes. 

Agentcloud - Create LLM agents

The idea behind agentcloud is to enable you to create teams of chat-gpt like agents, to complete tasks for you, whilst securely accessing the systems and data you usually use to get the job done. We have three core goals.

1. Make building single+multi LLM agents that have access to your systems and data intuitive (UI first)

2. Make using agents economical (open source + choice of LLM + budgets + revenue model)

3. Make sharing agents easy and profitable (enable an agentexchange where people can list agents free/paid that provide utility to others)

Monita - Realtime Data Observability

Monita is a realtime data observability platform that enables digital teams to identify 1st party data issues 10,080 times quicker than they presently do (1 week to 1 minute).

Raptor - Automating tag creation

Raptor's no code builder automates the creation of marketing tags deployed to your site.