RNA Digital Joins NVIDIA Inception

RNA Digital | Sydney - 16 April 2024

RNA Digital today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures startups revolutionizing industries with technological advancements.

New product: Agent Cloud

Andrew | Jan 2024

RNA has added a new product to its portfolio. Agent Cloud is an open source platform enabling companies to host their own LLM agents, able to securely access over 300+ data sources. This enables companies to stand up private LLM chats, that employees can use to run: 

Web-based Chatbots: RAG technology enables tailored chat experiences for specific business needs, such as instant responses to product queries.

AI enabled Customer Support: Enhances live agent capabilities with rapid, accurate information delivery.

Internal Documentation Retrieval: Facilitates quick access to a range of company documents, including technical manuals, policies, and IT support materials.

Financial Data Analysis: AI-driven search through extensive financial datasets, improving insight discovery and decision-making.

Monita now live on Google Cloud Marketplace

Andrew | Dec 2023

Monita is now live on the Google Cloud Marketplace!

This means if you want to subscribe and pay for Monita via your GCP account, you now can! If you are a GCP partner this also means you have a new platform you can recommend to your clients helping them ensure their 1st party data is operational, accurate and compliant.

Global monitoring, monitor any pixel no matter what vendor.

Andrew | May 2023

Global Monitoring is Monita's latest innovation, allowing customers to agnostically Monitor any pixel fire from any vendor. This opens up endless possibilities for Analytics professionals, performance marketers, digital teams and even compliance managers. Whether it is a first party or third party call use Monita to ensure your client or server side payloads are operational, accurate and compliant.

Sign up for a free 14 day trial of our teams plan.

Get insights into the libraries and cookies loading on your page. Try out the Monita Auditor.

Andrew | Feb 2023

The Monita devs have been busy. Our latest release is the Auditor which helps answer high level questions like:

“What pages are on my sitemap?”

“What libraries/tags/pixels are loading across my site?”

“What is the coverage of my tag manager or main pixels?”

“Are there any unauthorised/piggybacked pixels or libraries loading?”

“How many third-party cookies are there? Which companies are loading them?”

“What are my website performance statistics?” (Google Lighthouse)"

To try it out sign up for a free audit.

Monita releases data monitoring for GTM

Andrew | Jan 2023

Monita is the first platform in the world to allow Google tag manager users to monitor any variable on any tag when they fire.

RNA Digital signs Publicis Media Group as a Managed Service Provider

Andrew | May 2021

Publicis Media Group has officially come onboard as a Managed Service Provider of the Monita platform.

Danone x Monita case study published

Andrew | Apr 2021

See our Danone x Monita case study where we show the impact that our Monitoring solution can have on ensuring high data quality.

Say hello to Monita

Andrew | Sep 2020

Monita is an enterprise data quality platform making tag monitoring and auditing easy. We built this because our users wanted to know a lot more about why tags may or may not be working and be able to validate their GTM implementation. Visit to find out more.

Introducing Tag monitoring

Andrew | Jun 2020

When marketing tags break, there is often no automated solution to notify you of failure. The team are preparing to launch a scalable solution that will allow marketers to know when any tag in their Google Tag Manager containers stop working. Checkout our site to learn more.

RNA Digital, now a Google Cloud Partner

Andrew | Mar 2020

RNA Digital is now a Global Google Cloud Build partner. We are excited to begin this partnership with Google. Google Cloud and RNA Digital are helping customers setup Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 15x quicker.

Raptor Beta has launched

Andrew | Feb 2020

Introducing Raptor. Code free web analytics setup. Allowing marketers everywhere to setup events and goals in Google Analytics ™ with no code and 15x quicker. 

RNA is part of Incubate Class 15

Andrew | Jan 2020

RNA is part of the Sydney University Incubate accelerator program. Incubate is Australia’s Leading Startup Program at University. The program provides startups with funding, office space and mentorship. It culminates in a demo day on April 22nd. To check out the rest of the teams in incubate see here